Project Description

Communicating change across the business and to partners

Internal communications program to announce a major change in how AXA will work with partners, contractors, staff and customers. The new system gives customers greater control over the booking of trades to undertake repairs and servicing at their home with better communications and messaging.

For contractors and partners as well as AXA the new system streamlines booking in jobs and gives greater oversight to outcomes and customer service and satisfaction scoring.


We developed a contact strategy that included contractor, staff and partner communications. Using film – a combination of live action, green screen and motion graphics – and email we delivered a consistent, engaging and motivating campaign with interviews with business leaders explaining the new systems and the support and training AXA was giving.


Using a combination of library footage, original filming and motion graphics to communicate with our different audiences. Green screen sequences showing App screen sequences we prototyped for the film ahead of completion of the App showed functions and use-ability. The motion graphics sequences demonstrating the web portal functionality ahead of its launch.

Other films were head to camera with the NETWORK DIRECTOR  addressing contractors, partners and staff. The films were used within an email program to contractor firms and staff and as part of a team-briefing program for staff, contractors and partners.

Daisy can be trusted to always deliver an original, highly creative solution. They know their stuff and really get to the nub of the business challenges we pitch at them. Very creative, easy to work with and always to budget. If you want to work with grown up creatives, Daisy are it.’

Kelly Ward, Marketing Director AXA Assistance