When I share your content, I’m building my brand, not yours


Being realistic. It’s all about ME.

When I share your content, I’m building my brand, not yours.

So if you tell me something I find a bit dull, I’m not going to pass it on – not because it’s dull, but because I don’t want others thinking I find dull things interesting. I mean, what does that say about me?

That’s the crux of social media.

People share for various reasons, but ultimately it’s all about ME. We share because we want to grow our own stock and that’ show we nourish our relationships. We share things that  make us look good or supports the image we want to portray. Or because it’s simply a cool thing to do and you don’t want to be seen to be missing out. So looking good, and not looking bad or out of touch. So we like and share and all of a sudden click, look at how cool I am!

So we want others to see what interests us, and we want them to see that when we see something special, it makes us think of them. Which tells them what a great guy I am.

Too cynical?

Sharing builds our own personal brand. When you’re writing content it’s the most productive way to think of it.

So be sure you post share-worthy content. And your content strategy keeps things fresh. Because you’re not building your brand with your content, you’re building the brand of the people who pass it on. And they’ll like you for it.