‘You’re not really giving me what I need, but I’m still here. So what does that say about me?’


On listening to that quiet voice we all have in our heads…

Everything  someone does, or we ask them to do, says something about them. Actions are what count. So imagine I’m your customer. If I’ve chosen to opt into boring emails, what does that say to me about me?

If I persevere with a website that is confused and leaves me feeling lost, the small voice in the back of my head tells me that I don’t feel I deserve clarity.

If I can’t drive my own journey that means I don’t trust my own judgement.

If I share dull content in social media, how is that bigging me up?

If I’m engaged with a brand that doesn’t bother to get to know me as an individual, that means I don’t believe I deserve better.

Asking the question ‘What does this say about me?’ ensures design stays customer focused. It means asking pertinent questions of the creative solution like ‘ what does the customer value most?’ and ‘who does the customer want to be?’ and most importantly, ‘why would a customer do this?’

‘What does it say about me?’ is a CRM philosophy. If customers see our digital experience adding real value, because we are enabling them to be who they want to be, they’ll see us as a credible source, and not only will they come back, they’ll tell their friends.