The art of story telling. There are examples everywhere

Thinking about story telling.

Think of it like this: what we do is like song writing.

Think about a song that’s special. Listen to how the lyrics work so economically.  How they sow tiny seeds, trigger bigger ideas. The best songs never tell you everything, they let you fill in the gaps. You become part of it. The story becomes your story. Think how the thoughts that grow live with you long after the song  has finished because there’s something about them, sometimes really obvious, sometimes implied that resonate. The imagery strikes a chord, the language feels right. The melody makes it familiar, the rhythm carries you through, the chorus gives you something to share with others and the story is told. And a feeling is absorbed. And it’s this that makes it something you’ll sing in the shower or have top of your playlist. It’s the feeling it gives you, not the words it uses, or the technical fact that the notes are written on a stave and it’s composed in 4/2 time or even the name of the band. If the feeling it gives you is good the story makes sense (‘a room without a roof,’ ‘mickey mouse has grown up a cow,’ ‘a revolution from my bed’) then you’ll be more likely to listen to more of their songs, wear their T shirt and write their name all over your pencil case.