Project Description

Home insurance product launch, three audiences

Insurance launch in partnership with the UK’s largest estate agents. We’ve worked with Ageas for over 12 years on home, travel and motor, so they knew and trusted our credentials to deliver this important piece of business working with them from the earliest stages with their partner running workshops, planning and brand thinking

Product variants cover Landlords, Tenants and Home owners. The task involved supporting stakeholders from two different companies (Ageas and Connells). The product sells on price and convenience, our job is to make it credible and promote the level of cover for price. The materials needed to be easy to use – the sale is face to face but the sellers of the product are not a financial advisor team at the estate agents. This is seen as an add-on product in the house buying process.

Not one campaign but three specifically targeted to each distinct audience. We created different propositions for each audience identifiable as part of the same family but clearly differentiated. We created simple leaflets, posters and take ones. There were sales aids and infographics for the sales team to use to explain the product to each audience, with contents calculators and information  about the strength and size of Ageas as a financial services brand

Home Insurance leaflet brand front covers. financial services, creative consultants
Home Insurance leaflets. financial services, creative consultants
Home Insurance contents calculator. financial services, creative consultants