Project Description

Simple and thorough customer journeys


Effective journey from landing through purchase – UX, UI

AXA deliver boiler cover for service and home emergency. The policy can also cover all plumbing, heating, electrics and other issues like gas leaks or pests.

The customer journey we designed required detailed understanding of process and systems. We delivered all UX, UI and messaging. The build was with AXA’s own technical partner with whom we plugged in to lead the project creatively.  There’s a complicated application process we simplified requiring a lot of information to be gathered and processed and GDPE to deal with.

We identified key messaging and delivered impact elements to be used on the website and with applications in acquisition

Customers are able to select from a range of product and price points and adjust these with excess levels and add ons. The customer journey covered the entire purchase process through to final confirmation and email notifications. Through out the site are upgrade messages and reassurance snippets. The use of carefully constructed FAQs at every stage are designed to reduce abandoned sessions. The website went live in 2020. HTML and build by others.


We mapped out every step of the customer journey giving the tech team detailed, marked up wireframes and full pixel perfect PSDs to follow.