My creative philosophy is simple. It’s all about me


It’s the brand of me.

It’s all about me.

People engage with brands because the brand says something about them. People will share your content because it makes them look good.

People will buy your product because they believe it satisfies their needs.

People will engage with you if they don’t find you boring.

When they talk to their friends about your brand, when they share your content, when they download your App, when they bookmark your page or hunt out your latest article, they’re not building your brand, they’re building their brand. They’re doing it for self-affirmation, they’re doing it position themselves amongst their circle.  Which means when we create our content or design our App or write that article, we better do it in a way that reinforces the image our customers have of themselves. And the extension is that as we help them to build their brand, they will help us to build ours.