The Internal Agency Creative Consultants

We want your competitors to wish they had an internal agency like yours, and your designers and writers to feel proud of the work they do. We can support them as much or as little as you need. We can run creative workshops or embed a CD on call. We’ll raise creative standards and inspire your people. We’ll identify leaders and help them to progress.


Creative workshops

We can run workshops to help you support your internal agency and to get them thinking like an external agency.

  • Brief writing
  • Proposition development
  • Techniques in Creative Idea Generation
  • Copywriting and tone of voice
  • Design that works hard
  • Email marketing workshop
  • Brainstorming leading workshop
  • Content Strategy workshop

Creative Director On-the-team

Give your internal agency teams the support of an experienced Creative Director. We can work with your people on specific projects or for a period to get things moving. We can be in-house or be on-call remotely. We can work on concepts, approvals and to embed best practice. Here’s what a CD on your team would do.

  • Mentoring, support in-house teams, raise the creative bar
  • Creative decision making – reduces ‘10 people around the mac’ syndrome
  • Briefing and creative leading on projects with other external suppliers as your CD (freelance writers/designers, tech agencies etc)
  • Creative concepts and supporting your people to deliver original concepts themselves and avoid stuck and staid. Creative reviews, concept development, brainstorming etc
  • Overseeing and Creatively Direct delivery from your teams
  • Approvals and sign off
  • More efficient, more effective delivery

Creative Concepts

It could be that you don’t expect your internal resource to come up with campaign ideas themselves but they do have all the skills to execute them. It could be your social media team just need new ideas, but are more than capable of running with them once they have them. We can deliver just the concepts and creative strategies, brief your people on executing them and then oversee your designers, copywriters or tech teams in a more traditional Creative Director’s role to deliver them.

Creative over-flow resource

Capacity can be an issue with internal teams. If that is the case you can use Daisy as an overflow resource. We can take projects away and do as much as you need us to. When capacity frees up again the project can be taken back inhouse and we’ll take on a supportive role in the handover. It’s about being flexible, and getting the right creative solution as cost effectively as possible.


We saw a number of agencies – including very well known names – before choosing Daisy for this major project. We liked their approach, their ideas, and the genuine interest they showed in our business. We’re delighted with the results.

Humphrey Couchman, Communications Director, The Utility Warehouse

Daisy can be trusted to always deliver an original, highly creative solution. They know their stuff and really get to the nub of the business challenges we pitch at them. Very creative, easy to work with and always to budget. If you want to work with grown up creatives, Daisy are it.

Kelly Ward, Marketing Director AXA Assistance

In Daisy we have found an agency we can trust to consistently deliver high quality work. They know our products and understand the markets and environments that we operate in. They work efficiently to our deadlines and always deliver to budget. Quite simply, they are very easy to do business with and an important part of our Marketing team.

David Newley, Head of Marketing, AIG Direct

In terms of users visiting the website, this has increased since the redevelopment. From the analytics, most people are visiting the site, seeing the number or webchat facility and coming direct to the helpline- this is ideal and aligned to our corporate objectives. We’ve had a warm response around the tone of the site and the website has been referenced by a number of journalists as a great source for pension information. We’ve received a positive response from staff, stakeholders and users regarding the new look and tone.

Michelle Cracknell, CEO, The Pensions Advisory Service

The campaign has been fantastically well received by the agents and consultants of our partner Connells. It’s being actively utilised throughout every part of the sales journey, and we are already starting to see a positive impact on sales volumes. Daisy’s professionalism, attention to detail and execution was second to none, and I look forward to beginning our next creative project together.

Stephen Mrozek , Marketing Communications Manager, Ageas

Daisy makes the effort to understand our business and the issues we face. They provide really creative and innovative solutions to our briefs, thinking in ways we’d never thought about.

Tamara Hamad, Marketing Director, Markel International

Daisy have a strong understanding of our business. Adventurous and innovative, they keep abreast with and have helped shape the evolution of our brand. Put simply, they do a lot of our thinking for us.

Hannah Ewing, Marketing Manager, CSMA Club