We are DaisyDM, Direct and Digital Marketing. And we are creative consultants.

We are called Daisy because of the way we are structured: we do the creative strategy and the creative and then we build a bespoke project team using our network to deliver our creative vision. Think of it as a ‘Daisy Chain’ of skills with on-demand expert project managers, strategic planners, data and the right tech and production partners ready as and when needed. What’s different is that you get a dedicated, hands-on Creative Director on top of it from beginning to end. It’s a more agile, more flexible and a more cost effective way to deliver.

Doing creative differently

Career portfolio including contracting as CD for other consultancies

Dave Edwards
Creative and Creative Strategy

With over 25 years experience in top UK agencies including Brann (Havas) and McCanns. Ex CD of DP&A/FCBi (8 yrs) Dave launched Goldfish and won 16 Gold DMA, Fedma, IDM awards on that account alone. He set up Daisy 12 years ago after contracting at a senior level at financial marketing agency Presky Maves and as consultant Creative Director to financial marketing consultancies Macinnes (Mac4) and Bespoke Communications on RBS and GE Money. A recent client contract was to set up the creative department for a culture change consultancy, deliver their creative product and raise their creative profile.

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“Why creative consultants and not an agency? Simple: the world has changed. Creative has a shorter shelf life, budgets are tight, turnarounds tighter still, clients need to get more out of what they have. There’s no room for naval gazing and no budget for indulgent processes. Not every project needs the full agency delivery and some need more than the internal guys can deliver on their own.”

Dave Edwards

Clients know there are a lot of very experienced, very switched on, commercially minded professionals out there who’ve served their time in big London agencies and now run their own consultancies doing just the one thing they are very good at. Daisy is the one delivering creative strategy, concepts and executions. And with our network of partners and your people we can bring all the skills together on-demand. We deliver creative differently, run a much tighter ship and with more agility than big agencies can muster to achieve better ROI

Claire Wellman
Campaign Planning


Client Services Director and campaign planner with big agency background including TBWA and Partners Andrews Aldridge. Most recently Managing Partner at employee communications consultancy, Dragonfish UK. Claire has over 20 years experience of integrated marketing across global and national accounts. She supports our creative consultants with strategic planning and delivery.

We’re Creative. And we’re consultants. Here’s what we do.

Creative insights consultants

Looking at the data, behavioural data and deep insight harvesting through interview and groups. Developing personas and customer journey. Briefing research and ensuring useable, meaningful outputs that drive creative development


Creative strategy consultants

Strategic support and development of propositions, messaging and personas. Signposting and key points. Contact and content strategies for web, social and campaigns. Big ideas, granular in execution.


B2C/B2B creative consultants

Direct and digital customer and business campaigns. We help brands to cost effectively win more customers, engage deeper and increase value. Affinity, intermediary comms, events and campaigns. We are direct marketing creative directors and ROI focused.


UX, UI and content creative consultants

Websites, microsites and business critical digital projects. Wireframes and prototypes. We deliver hard working, creatively led customer journeys. Design templates and assets and we ensure tech delivery is true to the BRD and the creative vision.


B2E creative consultants

Communicating change and helping brands to deliver transformation cost effectively. We bring to life Vision, Values and Purpose, deliver marketing toolkits, events and campaigns to align internal/external business functions and improve employer reputation.


The Internal Agency creative consultants

Support for internal resources, designers, content and social media teams. Help to raise the creative bar and support with creative strategy, concepts and creative direction. We build trust in the in-house team and prove the investment in them pays dividends



Understand the situation, and the problem we need to solve. Focus on the customer. Insights. Their needs, wants, behaviours and objections. Competitors and the market.


The story we need to tell. Strategies planned, propositions, messaging and customer journeys mapped out. Concepts and wireframes and creative direction agreed.


The deliverables. Everything made, signed, sealed and delivered. Designs completed and all copy written. Images created, pixel perfect artwork, all strategies completed. And sent live and hand-overs done.


Evolving the product. We’ll have agreed a testing strategy, but what comes next? We’ll review results and agree changes. Reset our KPIs and design and deliver the next stage