Brilliant creative needs brilliant developers fighting their corner


Everyone ambitious for the project.

It’s true.

Creatives and Designers can’t be expected to know all the ins and outs of .Net or PHP programming. Why should they? They don’t need to know how an API plugs in. Their minds work at the other end of the spectrum to this, and this is how you need it to be. In web design there are enough technical people involved as it is, you need a creative thinker onboard to challenge the status quo. They shouldn’t know coding, but they need to understand those that do. They don’t need to know the detail of processes and workflows, but they do need to be able to analyse them and design something that works better because it works human not machine. They do need to know what is possible and what the limitations are.

So they need ambitious tech who are on the same page as they are in terms of their vision. Creatives need developers who want to share. Who want to be pushed. When engineers think bigger, it enables more exciting customer experiences. So just as great creative needs to be visionary, great tech. needs to be visionary too. And sometimes it’s the creative thinkers thinking about customers who give developers the license to be more creative too.