By: Dave Ed On: December 18, 2014 In: Daisy Thinks, David Edwards Comments: 0

Brands that want to succeed need to know what their competitors are doing. If they want to stay one step ahead, or if they just don’t want to fall behind, you need to know where the threat is coming from. And if you have a clear positioning, you need to know how it works relative to what others are doing.

To stay ahead of the competition is not just about understanding market share or pricing. You need to get under the skin of the competition’s creative expressions. That’s why, while understanding business strategy, financial performance, product, pricing and operations is important, understanding propositions, messaging and how competitor brands are targeting customers in different channels is vital.

Part of a competitor review should be reviewing specific communications and assessing their efficacy. Which is why we score competitor work on copy, design and brand. We always assess their use of technology and develop a list of best practice, and things to avoid.

A strategic creative competitor analysis delivers a fact based report and actionable recommendations on what works well and where the gaps lie. When you are developing a content strategy to deliver your positioning, this is the intelligence you need.

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