By: Dave Ed On: January 12, 2015 In: Daisy Thinks, David Edwards Comments: 0

Launching a new product or brand can be a ‘heart in the mouth’ moment. Good research and clear thinking upfront is there to avoid the pitfalls. You can make sure the product is right, the audience is right and price is right. But presenting the rounded package is another thing. Getting the positioning and customer proposition right is key.

One of the obstacles is the ability to think outside of the organisation, and think clearly about customers and their needs. Being genuinely customer centric takes some work. And it’s a creative job.

Once your core proposition is in place we can help you refine your marketing and customer propositions. We’d look at your current and target customer base, your competition and your portfolio. It is important to see the context a brand or product is operating in.We add our insight and creative understanding.

It is also important to express how the proposition might flex for different products, audiences and channels. But it shouldn’t stop there, you need to develop key messaging from your propositions, develop tone of voice principles and examples that fit so you need to develop sample copy and communications and express key points in the customer journey. And you need a methodology to test and prove it.

It sounds complicated but getting the creative principles lined up first will make everything else fall into place. And it is a lot simpler than you think, ask us about our proposition workshops.

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