By: Dave Ed On: October 17, 2012 In: Opinion Comments: 0

Aleksandr Orlov – Another name for brilliant!

Several blogs ago I bemoaned the use of Twitter by many organisations, arguing that they seemed to think that just by issuing tweets they were ‘down with the social media crowd’. When clearly they weren’t.

That got me thinking about creative ways to use social media sites to spread commercial messages to users who are, remember, predominantly there to share news, views and have fun.

This is where the big problem lies with ‘monetising’ a social media presence. It’s difficult for companies not to embarrass themselves if they try to be ‘hip’, whereas their straight sales messages will be unwelcome and reflect badly on them.

The solution is to think laterally and do something completely different.  Find an appropriate (or inappropriate) social media presence. The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Yet few companies seem to be doing this. The best example of one I have found is Their Aleksandr Orlov meerkat is on twitter and tweets regularly in his distinctive style. Alexandr mostly replies to questions from his near 40,000 followers, showing both that the company know how to extend their brand into social media, and are prepared to take the time to talk to people who are prepared to listen to them. They created an alter ego who is not a straight spokesperson for their brand.

This allows you to have some real fun, whether by being satirical, controversial or just plain silly. This means you can entertain other people on the platform who are there for that very reason, and in doing so do far more to raise the profile of your brand.


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