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Content marketing is THE digital marketing priority. Complemented perfectly by social media platforms, it is content that is driving consumer engagement, especially with the younger generations. For a relevant perspective, we asked one of our own content writers, the annoyingly young Alex Boast, to explain why content is king for Generation Y.
It’s no cliché that people of my generation live online. We message, tweet, poke and live chat to our friends and colleagues (and even occasionally our parents!) through Social Media channels.

Businesses recognise this, of course, which is why they are increasingly using the same channels to attract our attention. Only the cleverest ones rarely use straight advertising alone. They use content to interest us – and that’s a wise move.

We go online to be entertained and to find out information that is more than just an advertising message. The most successful companies marketing online respond to this need by creating and/or sharing content with us.

The fundamental difference is that this content has value that is independent from the services or products they are selling. By giving away free information they are rewarding us for connecting with them – in the hope that in turn we will reward them with our custom. It’s not about an immediate transaction, it’s about developing a relationship.

The form of the content is irrelevant. It could be blogs, memes, photos, articles or videos – but the end result is the same: trust is created. And this trust will steer future buying decisions.

Here’s an example. I’m online, say on Facebook, and I see a post from a travel company I follow because I’m interested in the destinations they write about. Their post is an introduction to an article about a remote temple in Thailand. It just so happens that I’ve been thinking of visiting Thailand, and this temple looks amazing, so I click the link and read the article.

The company hasn’t sold me anything, but they’ve told me something I didn’t know. They’ve interested me and got me excited about a place to travel to. So if I now decide to book a trip there, who am I going to book through? I’m going to reward that company for their help, and because I feel an affinity with them that’s been developed through the content they’ve provided me with.

And that’s why content marketing works. It’s marketing for the online world – and will be even more important for generation Z and beyond.

“It’s not about an immediate transaction, it’s about developing a relationship.“
Alex Boast

By Alex Boast

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