Scripting and planning video content as part of an SEO project

The challenge
The Utility Warehouse wante dto own Page 1 of google. It was occupied with either negative news stories about the sector or content uploaded by distributors that didn’t accurately reflect the brand – some distributors had set up their own websites which confused the brand and messaging.

The Utility Warehouse is the UK’s 7th largest utility company with over now 600,000 customers and the UK’s fastest growing brand. It sells Gas, Electricity, Landline, Broadband and Mobile and has a shopping discount ‘club’ that customers join. It is sold via a network of 42,000 UK Distributors. The website was confused, unclear and broken in large areas. It didn’t reflect the status of the brand. It was largely utilitarian and required a sales person (distributor) to guide a customer through it. Consequently few distributors used the site. The online application process was confusing and not used (only 12% of sign ups came online) and abandoned cart levels and mistakes on the application form were high. We also knew that only a third of customers were taking 4 services or more

Thinking differently

Through our ‘Daisy chain’ we brought in a specialist SEO partner company to advise on on-page and off-site SEO. We developed a content plan that included microsites (we built 3) and a blog and social media content plan. We scripted 18 webfilms that hit off key words and messaging and enabled specific blogging and content opportunites for the main site we were building and for linked sites. The scripts we created ensured that key words and phrases were used and choice quotes made for the SEO team to work with. Each film was short and focused on one aspect of the offering, so that together they made up a complete story. We then also created the Youtube channel for the company and promoted the videos there as an asset in social media. The films were aimed at recruiting business customers and adding new distributors to the network. The story was told by both distributors and customers and focused on different aspects of the benefit of switching utilities to The Utility Warehouse, including (for distributors) the income potential, central support and training, mentoring and the potential of what they call residual income payments and for business customers the savings and service support.

To deliver the films we plugged in to the company’s existing film production relationships with ultimate sign off and then wrote sample blogs around them and a blog and social media guide for company staff to be able to use so that they could bring the creation in-house under our plan and support.