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A flexible pension product – changes with you as your life changes

Launch a flexible pension product – changes with you as your life changes. (This is one from our back catalogue, but I think you’ll agree, it’s still an elegant creative solution). GE Life wanted to launch a new innovative Pensions wrapper that used different pension and investment products to deliver real flexibility for the first time.

Thinking differently
People want stability and flexibility. They know their needs will change over time, and their investment for their futures needs to be reactive too. We need a visual key that gives IFAs the language to explain the new product simply to customers. We created work aimed at IFAs but which also gave them a simple way to talk about the product to their customers. We created a number of different routes to assess and research. We then developed the style and visual language that fed into all communications from online ads and email to sales aids, from brochures for both IFAs and customers to press ads aimed at the IFA market. We called it ‘Transitions’

When GE Life became LV=, Transitions went with them and remains a major product for LV=. Which is how we got to work on drawdown with LV=.

See that work here.