380x287 CSMA

The ‘Whatever you want it to be’ Club

CSMA Club has provided a wide range of motoring and leisure benefits to Civil Servants since 1923. Today the club needs to appeal to everyone from the post office mail delivery van driver to the head of procurement at the MOD.

Thinking differently
The benefits are so varied, and the audience so broad, that the club will mean different things to different people. Each audience segment will get something else out of it.

We created a strong campaign idea that embraced the many and varied benefits of the Club. Adding that extra touch of personality to the brand, we were able to present these benefits in a fun to read way that could be launched via departmental intranets and then rolled out into workplace posters, desk drops, emails and exhibition stands.


“Daisy have a strong understanding of our business. Adventurous and innovative, they keep abreast with and have helped shape the evolution of our brand. Put simply, they do a lot of our thinking for us.”

Hannah Ewing, CSMA