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Launch Value Protection to IFAs

This is one from our back catalogue, but I think you’ll agree, it’s still an elegant creative solution. When GE LIfe launched an innovative new option to their pension product that protects pension pots in the event of death, they realised that the typical IFA sales leaflet probably wouldn’t do it justice.

Thinking differently
IFAs need to be inspired, and if the concept also offers a simple idea that they can talk to their customers about in order to sell financial products then we’ve added value well beyond spend. Instead of the letter they we’re going to send out (and sent out as control) our ‘oyster’ campaign was a rather more engaging way to communicate the key benefit of protection and growth. It was used in IFA communications, welcome packs and online in banner ads and email. This was done as the creative partner of marketing consultancy, McCinnes.

The DM achieved 11 times the response of the traditional A4 sales aid they tested it against.