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This is about being customer centric

Chesterfield is a specialist insurer that offers film production companies contingency cover for their shoots. They asked Daisy to find a way to communicate the benefits of their cover to prospects who live in a highly creative environment. Straightforward insurance messages simply don’t register with such people.

Thinking differently
If you dig into the claims history in any insurance company you’ll find stories that people will be able to identify with. Interesting stories, we knew, would get attention. After all, the business of our audience is telling stories too. So our job was to find good stories, and tell them in a creative way.

Previously Chesterfields sent letters to this segment. Unsurprisingly they didn’t get a good response. So we used the audiences own medium. We sent them a dimensional piece of Direct Mail – an actual story board detailing a camera failure during a shoot out in a desert, and how chesterfields came to the rescue.

This was followed up with an email detailing a real situation where film production was halted by a military coup – and how Chesterfield sorted it out. We then tested with and without DM to find the most cost effective solution.

The result was a significant increase in calls to the insurer. Specific results cannot be shared in the public domain.