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Most charities follow the need/solution template. It works. But when everyone does it, every time, it tends to work less well for all of them. Sightsavers recognise this, which is why they constantly test new approaches and propositions for their acquisition mail packs and inserts.

Thinking differently

Being positive works. This is a positive/need based test for press inserts. One celebrates the joy of being able to see and the opportunites it grants  (the reveal reads ‘I can see a rainbow’) the other tells the more tradsitional need story. Both go on to say that though they will never meet the person their donation will help, that person will never forget what the supporter has done for them. The concept was developed into a mail pack that went on to beat its target.


Positive wins. Other examples of positive stories winning in charity communications for Sightsavers can be seen in our portfolio. You will also see the Christmas donor mailing we created for sightsavers  –  it stands as their best performing Christmas camapign and has been run a few years now here and overseas and with a 10% response and 29:1 ROI in top segments it beat all income targets.


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