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Every year CSMA Club members receive a welcome pack reminding them of them of the many benefits of membership. This is usual in the form of a directory. It never gets looked at.

CSMA Club has provided a wide range of motoring and leisure benefits to Civil Servants since 1923. Today the club needs to appeal to everyone from the post office mail delivery van driver to the head of procurement at the MOD.

Thinking differently

Let’s deliver the welcome pack in a more appropriate format and at the same time show people the full extent of the CSMA club estate.

So instead of the usual dry directory, our pack included a road map that folds out to display all the partner offers and benefits available across the UK. The map isn’t a gimmick though, it draws on the club’s heritage as a motoring organisation, while also giving the member an at-a-glance view of why they should stay faithful to the Club.





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