Home cover App: feel free to wander around

AXA Assistance provide the assistance services for other brand’s insurance policies. As a B2B insurance partner they wanted to showcase the product offering to partners and end users alike. They wanted to create a tool that could be used as a presentation to partners and also shared and viewed online.

Thinking differently
AXA want to redefine insurance. So how they talk about their products and services should be innovative. We also felt that if partners can navigate themselves (in this case, around the house) to explore the product, then the benefits come alive.

We developed a simple interactive app. Users can explore rooms of a house and discover what cover is available. They can also download full product details. The quality of the cover is what makes the product special, backed up by a global brand. We delivered the first draft within 2 weeks working with our tech. partner.

‘Daisy can be trusted to always deliver an original, highly creative solution. They know their stuff and really get to the nub of the business challenges we pitch at them. Very creative, easy to work with and always to budget. If you want to work with grown up creatives, Daisy are it.’

Kelly Ward, Marketing Director AXA Assistance