Homelessness is on the rise. The homeless are ‘invisible’ to many. We need to raise awareness and engage supporters in the work of the Big Issue Foundation.

Thinking differently
In the lives of homeless people, the moment they become a Big Issue Vendor is the moment they begin to turn their lives around. It is a huge step forward and is something that should be celebrated.

We decided to create a campaign with added PR value to give it more reach. We’d make it anti establishment by subverting that bastion of the establishment, blue plaques. Ordinarily these celebrate heroes of our society but now will; elevate the herculean efforts individuals make to bring their lives back on track. We wanted to use a digital solution to engage people with the people behind the stories. So we spoke to Blippar and got them to donate their platform too, they were happy to do so and we created an augmented reality app. Viewers scan the plaques – one for different people featured on the app and you could then view the stories from the website. Also via the app they can vote on if whether they think homelessness is a big issue, and share a photo of themselves wearing the (virtual) Big Issue Tabbard to show support and empathy.

Awaiting launch

BI phone