By: Dave Ed On: June 19, 2012 In: Gareth Lloyd, Opinion Comments: 0

I’ll confess something. I’ve done some work in my time that has really bombed. Packs that have flopped fantastically, emails that have had virtually no response. It happens. And, more importantly, it should happen. Because if you’re not trying new things, testing new customer propositions and alternative communications channels, you’re not learning.

You really do have to fail sometimes to succeed.

This is why when we present work we always try to show some ‘out there’ ideas along with our more sensible, practical ones. We want to make our clients think even harder about what they are doing, what they could be doing and what they could test doing.

Of course not all these ideas will work, but some will, and often spectacularly so. And it is worth the investment in such successes, because they can fundamentally shift the way a client takes it marketing forward. By means of example, we once helped a client with a terribly apathetic audience succeed in getting 60% of this audience to respond to an email. And not because we were offering any kind of incentive, but because the way we told their story was so much more appropriate.

So if you want a creative agency fighting on your side, please give Daisy a call.

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