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I’m currently reading a book about creativity in advertising. It’s good because it’s not pretentious and because it’s highly persuasive about the need for imagination in a world saturated with boring, ‘me-too’ advertising.

One example the author gives is of a market stall holder selling kitchen knives. He has to attract attention to his stall amid all the shouts and screams of the other market stallholders. So he shouts out, ‘Here, luv, if you want to finish your husband off tonight, I’ve got just the knife for it.’
It’s a simple example of how a more creative message stands out from the crowd. (Note too how the marketstall holder has correctly focussed on a benefit of the knife, not a feature!). It’s also called ‘disruption’ advertising because it’s not what people expect. But then when is great advertising what people expect. What makes it great is that it is different and memorable.

At Daisy we sell creativity. What we produce might be a press ad, a mail pack, a viral film or an e-mail, but what we are really selling are creative ideas. And these ideas make all the difference between your message being noticed and being just more wallpaper to the public.

One example this author can give is of a mail pack we produced for a financial services company to test against their standard (and very ‘me-too’) practice of sending an A4 letter and fact sheet to IFAs to introduce their new products. Our approach (the pearl mailing) generated eleven times as much response. And just because we found a creative way to tell the same story so that our prospects would actually be interested enough to read it.

So if you have a nagging suspicion that the way you are selling your product or service isn’t really getting you noticed, give us a call. It won’t kill you.

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