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There are three components to delivering great digital creative, only one of which is the creative.

Brilliant creative

What makes great digital creative? Talk to different designers and they’ll all (hopefully) tell you the same sort of thing. Most likely they will tell you of the Generic values of design like function, intuitiveness, aesthetic value, innovation, and they’ll talk about brand, and of course, they should start with copy and concepts. All these are pretty obvious. (see links below). They may go on to talk about the specific values to do with target audience, proposition flex and mindset, reassurance and satisfaction. This is where creative starts to add value.

But often over looked all together is the vision. This is the vision for the brand, its positioning and ambition, flavoured by the creative’s own personal vision. It’s this vision that will drive excellence, will drive innovation and create genuinely great creative. It is the creative’s own vision that will keep them up at night thinking about the work – because it is a bar they have set themselves. Without it, the design will be good, it can tick all the boxes, but it will not be great. It’s the creative’s vision that client should be asking about: without it I guarantee work will be formulaic. Which is why creative is so important.

Amazing tech.

The second component is the tech. team. Great design, especially in the digital world needs great tech. support. Designers can’t be expected to know all the ins and outs of .Net or PHP programming. They don’t need to know how exactly an API works. But they do need to know what is possible and what the limitations are. A guiding engineering hand can often lead to more exciting customer experiences. So just as they need to work closely with great writers, great marketers and product people, great designers need to work hand in hand with great programmers who ‘get the vision’ too.

Great Media

Great digital comms need great media people working with the creative team. It’s their job to fully understand how customers use the different channels and to sense check the content strategy. The creative team will then be able to make it fly.

And it needs to be all held together with great Project management

It’s no secret, great creative design needs managing.The designer needs deadlines and they need buy in at key stages to give them the confidence to develop ideas. They also need to know that the team are behind them and contributing expertise and helping them to push the ideas forwards.

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